About Kristin

Hey Creatives, this is Kristin Marts, host of the ADHD Creatives Podcast!

Who am I? I’m a dancer, dance instructor, choreographer, musical theater performer, lifelong student of the arts, photographer, seamstress, party planner, singer, writer, intervention creator, idea generator, entrepreneur, paint party planner, costume designer, crafter, cake decorator, mother of three…

Most importantly, I’m an LCSW— Licensed Certified Social Work therapist. I work primarily with children and families. I’m also an ADHD coach with ADHD reWired, a group coaching program for adults with ADHD, founded by Eric Tivers, LCSW.

In Depth

I have been in the arts world all my life. I took my first dance class before the age of three. Beginning my career in dance at an early age provided me with extensive experience and a deep understanding of the field. This experience also kindled a strong passion for theater and live performance, areas which have since become my main professional focus.

I went on to college and graduated with a musical theater degree with an emphasis in dance and choreography.

Twelve years ago, I earned my master’s degree in social work and became a therapist. I have a private practice where I primarily work with children and their families.

Two years ago, I added ADHD coaching to my professional repertoire. I started coaching for ADHD reWired after participating in the program myself. In addition to working with children, I’ve always wanted to work with adults. Coaching for ADHD reWired has given me the perfect outlet to do so. I absolutely love this work and find it incredibly rewarding.

As for this podcast, I’m excited for you to join me! We’ll have engaging conversations, learn together, and you’ll even have the opportunity to share your own creative work. Expect some special guests, creative chats, and plenty of fun along the way.

Let’s get creative!