003 | The Art of a Growth Mindset

On today’s show, Kristin has a conversation with friend and fellow ADHD brain, Maria Brideveaux, about having a growth mindset when learning and exploring artistic and creative activities. They also touch on managing their inner critics, perceptions on feedback, and how shifting their mindset has helped them along their creative journeys. Kristin also shares her … Read more

002 | The Art of the Pivot

On today’s show, Kristin presents a special episode to rolemodel making a PIVOT from original plans! A word from the host: Nope, you’re not losing it!  You did not see my 2nd episode drop last Friday because it just didn’t, because among other things I explain in this episode, my ADHD won last week big … Read more

001 | The Art of an ADHD Creative’s New Adventure

We’re here for our first episode – finally! Phew! In this very first episode, you’ll be taken on a journey of how this episode came to be: from the supportive accountability and creative processes to how Kristin became a coach, how she learned about her ADHD, and so much more!  Get your groove shoes on, … Read more