001 | The Art of an ADHD Creative’s New Adventure

We’re here for our first episode – finally!

Phew! In this very first episode, you’ll be taken on a journey of how this episode came to be: from the supportive accountability and creative processes to how Kristin became a coach, how she learned about her ADHD, and so much more!  Get your groove shoes on, too, because you’ll also get to tune in to Kristin’s creativity with the art of the story-telling parody song!

A message from the host:

“Thank you to my accountability team, the ADHD reWired Coaching community, and my family for supporting me throughout this process.  I’m so excited to be reaching out to even more wonderful ADHD Creative brains out there in the greater ADHD community.  Stay tuned and keep your eyes and ears on-the-ready every Friday for new episodes from me!”